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"Filipa took care of my after I had a miscarriage. She helped me to get back into shape - physically and mentally. Through the holistic treatment (acupuncture, massage, dietary plan, mental support, exercises) I managed to finally fall pregnant again. During my pregnancy I went to see Filipa quite often. She always made me feel relaxed and she reassured me when I was in doubt. With her guidance I experienced amazing 9 months preparing for my baby. Filipa also helped me after a postpartum period. I recommend her services to everyone. She is professional and highly qualified specialist who takes each case individually. Also she is very friendly and approachable person. I enjoyed my time with Filipa and I hope she will accompany me in my next pregnancy journey."

K.S., 31 years old, Company Manager, Poland


"Filipa is the best massage therapist specialized in Tuina (chinese massage) that I have ever met. After trying dozens of therapists, masseurs, osteopaths, nothing had ever worked for my migraines and cervical problems, Filipa was able to, not only incredibly reduce the number of my headaches, but also to sooth them: so almost no more medication!

I really recommend Filipa for her extraordinary ability, her professionalism and the hygiene level of her practice.

R.D.S., Jurist in Business Law, Monaco


"I went to Filipa for help with the aim of staying healthy. There was nothing particularly wrong with me I thought as I'd been slowly improving my diet and exercise regime over the past few years. However, I hadn't realised that things I had accepted as normal were actually symptoms -swollen ankles, fluid retention, bloating, poor circulation. I was prescribed herbs and a change in diet and within days started feeling the benefits. I cannot explain how life changing Filipa's guidance has been. She taught me the importance of balance, really listening to my body and acknowledging the little signs that something may be wrong. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!"

S.N., 30 years old, Facialist, Dublin, Ireland


"I would like to say how happy I am with the results of my treatment of Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, tisanes, cupping and massage which I have been following with Filipa since March 2016.

I was suffering from a post-menopausal weight issue which was being worsened by stress. With the treatment program given to me by Filipa my body’s reactions to my stress levels were reduced to enable me to gradually lose 12kg within 10 months. My energy levels have soared and my ability to handle the stresses of my daily life has improved immeasurably. 

I would highly recommend Filipa for her knowledge, compassion and diagnostic ability. Anyone with a stubborn weight problem would highly benefit from her therapeutic approach which takes into account all aspects of one’s life and not just "diet". Thank you for helping me get my mojo back :)"

H.R., 60 years old, Physiotherapist, United Kingdom


"About 1 year ago I started to feel physically and emotionally very tired, maybe due to strong stress moments, a high responsibility and concentration work. This situation developed at the same time as my menopause symptoms. All of this caused a great emotional instability, including feeling of isolation and doubting of my own professional and relational capacities. During this situation I was fortunate to come across with Filipa Rodrigo, advised by a relative who is her patient. On the first appointment, we had a long talk and I told her all my problems and “fears”. Filipa checked all my medical exams and did an intensive evaluation of my physical and emotional condition. On the very same day I started my Acupuncture treatment and Chinese Herbal therapy suitable for my condition.

It was about 7 months of monthly treatments and a lot of talking, very important when we feel fragile. Today I can say I feel like a different person, I managed to overcome my physical condition and also manage my work appropriately, with confidence, as well to improve my relationship at home.

I recommend the treatment with this Medicine, besides having proven results, it helps to detoxify the body from depression medication and harm foods. I feel like a new and happy woman.

Thank you Filipa, keep doing what you do best with a lot of wisdom and understanding."

M.L., 60 years old, Finances Technical Administration - Supervisor, Lagos, Portugal


I had my first Chinese Medicine appointment with Filipa about 1 year ago.

On this first appointment we discussed my symptoms and Filipa enquired me about my main health concerns. I had sinusitis and felt heavily tired which I associated with a very intense professional life. Filipa heard, observed and applied techniques of acupuncture and massage, always followed by a soft music in the background. Additionally she also recommended food alterations which contributed very positively for the tiredness symptoms.

I had my second appointment with Filipa 1 year afterwards. My work brought me into an exertion mode, with severe foot and neck pain. I also had difficulties in falling asleep due to indigestion. After a detailed symptom intake and dietetics prescription, Filipa applied acupuncture and massage techniques. She taught me exercises to improve my vision acuity, detailing the importance of the cervical spine for the vision.

I consider the appointments I had with Filipa very important and would recommend her with conviction to someone with similar concerns.

A.M., 58 years old, General Practitioner Doctor, Almada, Portugal


I have met Filipa about one year ago.

I followed the good advice from a therapist, my « beliefs » on Chinese Medicine and I made an appointment with Filipa. To begin with she is a great person. She listens, softly, calmly.. What you need when you are going through a rough period (burn-out).

She is also very competent considering in less than one year, I feel "living" again. She knew how to balance my energy, regulate my menstrual cycle, calm me down, give me strength… all this with this Chinese Medicine. I never took any chemical medication my doctors recommended.

During the appointment, we speak first and the acupuncture treatment follows, as well as a massage. After each treatment I always feel better.

Now that I feel much better, I continue to see Filipa to keep healthy. Less frequently than before but it’s always a pleasure to see her.

V.B., 47 years old, Monaco


Throughout the last few months I started to have an acute pain in the spine region which extended to the right arm. After more than 20 sessions of physiotherapy without any changes, I called upon Traditional Chinese Medicine to reduce the pain. After an initial assessment of my symptoms, I started to have regular sessions of Acupuncture and Massage, which were allied with Chinese herbs appropriated for my condition. Gradually my muscular discomfort started to reduce, which hadn’t happened with Western medicine. Besides that, this traditional medicine also helped me to deal with one of the most stressful periods of my life – writing and presenting my Master’s thesis. With Filipa’s help and support I managed to find the physical and mental balance I needed in a crucial time. The constant support and care Filipa provides is what I love about her a Specialist. Thank you for your dedication!

C.G., 25 years old, Environmental Engineer, Lisboa, Portugal


I first visited Filipa in January 2018. I was physically and emotionally exhausted from recurring medical problems sinus pain, urinary tract infections, digestion problems, menopausal symptoms, anxiety, bad sleeping pattern and my concentration levels were terrible.  I struggled to move forward with my life. I was fed up going to conventional doctors and being given yet another round of antibiotics or painkillers, which in turn played havoc with my digestion.

Filipa is kind, caring, non-judgmental and a very good listener. Her acupuncture sessions brought instant relief for me and she is very gentle with the needles.  More importantly, she taught me how to listen to my body and to understand the effects that stress and certain foods and drinks have on me. I worked on my diet and she prescribes Chinese herbs which work well for me.

My body has calmed down significantly. My energy levels are good, I sleep well, eat well and my concentration is so much better. I am now more capable of addressing oncoming feelings of stress or anxiety and prevent it from becoming a bigger issue and affecting my health.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had to take an antibiotic or painkiller.

Filipa has helped me turn my life around not just by healing me through acupuncture and Chinese medicine but more importantly, she has also taught me how to heal myself. I will always be grateful to you Filipa. Many thanks.

R.N., 50 years old, Writer, Dublin, Ireland


I am 55 years old and about 3 years ago I started feeling very tired and stressed out. My job is very physically demanding, and I was starting to have difficulty in managing my rest time because I had trouble sleeping, limb numbness, muscle cramping. I had consulted my gynecologist, who associated these problems to the hormonal changes attributed to menopause. He recommended me to take chemical medication to compensate. I decided to see a Chinese Medicine practitioner, having found Filipa Rodrigo through a friend.

Besides the problems mentioned, I also have digestive problems, a circulation disorder and allergic rhinitis. With an intensive treatment of about 1 year and some occasional treatments to maintain, as well as the Chinese herbs recommended by Filipa, I feel stabilized and balanced in all the areas. Today my sleep is deep and restful. I am so grateful to Filipa that I recommend her to my friends and family, who share the same opinion. It is a very good alternative to the western Medicine.

F.F., 55 years old, Business Owner and Manager, Lisboa, Portugal


While I was consulting Filipa for a persistent sinusitis problem, a Gynechological problem appeared. After a few months, my menstrual cycle was very short. My period was every 20 days, I even had twice on the same month with 10 days of difference. (…) Filipa did Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and adjusted dietetics. With professionalism and wisdom, she asked to be consulted at the same time by a Gynechologist. The Gynechologist diagnosed an intra-uterin polyp of 2cm and surgery was advised, considering hormonal therapy was not recommended for me. I was very surprised by this as I practice regularly qigong. After 3 months the symptoms were better due to Filipa’s treatment.

After 4 months, due to extreme fatigue, new metrroraghias appeared. I decided to do the surgery and scheduled it for 10 days after. He didn’t do an ecography as I had a recent previous one. As I was not entirely happy with having a procedure done, I scheduled an ecography with an anesthesiologist. During the exam, he asked the point of goal as he didn’t find any polyp. A combination of energy work, acupuncture, qigong, Chinese herbs, appropriate life style, and most of all, Filipa’s competence, helped me to resolve my problem completely.

I admire Filipa’s approach, as she considers Chinese Medicine as complementary to Western Medicine, not opposite. Her clear explanations, advices, together with her treatments, energy work allowing us to be the actors of our own health. For all health concerns, as a health care professional myself, I advise people to consult Filipa to start with, also considering her knowledge and human touch.

M. J., 45 ans, Nurse, France

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