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 Traditional Chinese Medicine  Acupuncture


Based in Lisbon and Cannes.

Consultations by phone or videoconferencing are also available for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dietetics and Herbal appointments.

Please find the Therapies list below. Please Contact Me for and bookings and availability. Appointments by request only.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment

Every single person is different, every single person has a different constitution. The initial diagnosis relates each patient's disease to its causes.

The treatment will be adjusted to each person! It may combine several therapies, including Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Dietetics and Herbal recommendations, TuiNa Massage, Chi Kung exercises and Lifestyle recommendations.

1st session takes 1h30, followings 1h approximately.

Dietetics and Herbal consultation

Cannot be emphasized enough how much the proper nutrition leads us to a good and balanced lifestyle. Knowing the foods appropriated for our constitution, besides keeping us super fit and healthy, makes us stronger!

Macrobiotics and Chinese Dietetics are here combined to find what is right for you. Individualized herbal combinations may be prescribed for your specific condition.

Takes approximately 1 hour.

Tui Na Massage

The therapeutic TuiNa Massage is applied for specific concerns you may have or as a balancing way to help you recover faster from your daily sports exercises.

Gentle yet deep strokes are combined to relax the muscles and ease your mind, combining the benefits of certified organic massage oils.

A must try!

Takes 45 min to 1h30.

Chi Kung class

A private or accompanied Chi Kung class is perfect to help you relax for everyday stress and connect with your body.

Here you are responsible for your own movement, for your own perception, your time to enjoy!

Takes 45min to 1h30.

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